Pet Hazards Around the Holidays

While the holidays are a beautiful and fun time of year, it's also a time that poses some hazards for our pets!

During the holidays there are many different things to think about. You've got to think about the holiday decor, the meal planning, and the gift giving! However, the holidays are also a time to think about how to keep your pet safe. With the addition of holiday decor to your home, and guests coming and going, there are new things in your home that could pose problems for your pet! While the food and extra holiday touches are what make this time of year so special for pet parents, they're not always as fun for our pets! Here are some things to consider over the holidays. 


Chocolate is a big part of the holiday season. It's in our advent calendars, our baking, and under the tree. While chocolate is delicious for pet parents to enjoy over the holidays, it's very unsafe for pets, particularly dogs. If your pooch gets his paws on chocolate vomiting and illness can occur, or even seizures and death. Be sure to keep all the chocolatey treats out of reach of your four-legged friends to avoid any unwanted trips to the vet over the holidays. 

Chrirstmas Tree

Setting up your Christmas tree is a holiday moment like no other. While your holiday tree glimmers in all its glory all season long, if it's not secured properly, your rambunctious pet could pull the tree down on themselves. Ensuring your Christmas tree is securely in place will not only save you from having to clean up a mess if it falls down, but more importantly keep your pet safe. 

Turkey Bones

Christmas dinner is something to look forward to all year long (well, at least since Thanksgiving ends). This festive favourite is sure to put smiles on all your guests face, but a rogue turkey bone could cause many issues for your curious pet. If your pet accidentally consumes a turkey bone this could cause a choking hazard or intestinal obstruction. Use caution if you have the tendency to let your pet indulge in some leftovers.

Mistletoe and Holly

While mistletoe and holly are the perfect touch of festive green over the holidays, both can cause harm to your pet. Ingestion of either will likely cause vomiting and diarrhea in your poor, unsuspecting cat or dog. If these are a part of your holiday decor, just ensure that they're out of reach in your pets have a tendency to nibble. 


Nothing's more festive than the shiny and gold trim of tinsel! However, it can ruin the holidays for your pets. Cats and dogs love to chew on tinsel, but if it's swallowed could cause harm to their digestive tract or even an intestinal obstruction. Skipping the bottom of the tree so it's out of reach of your pets is always a pretty good idea. 


During the winter months it's very likely you'll have antifreeze handy for those snowy mornings. However, antifreeze poses very significant risks to your pet. It has a sweet taste, which unfortunately appeals to pets, but consumption of antifreeze can prove fatal. Be sure to keep it out of reach from your cat or dog all season long! 


Putting your ornaments on the tree is one of the best holiday moments to share with your friends and family! While they may carry nostalgic qualities for you, they could pose a hazard to your pets. Some are sharp and could injure your pet, or if they're small enough, could be a choking hazard! Be thoughtful when choosing which ornaments you put up! 

Header Image via @mrbentley_thedog on Instagram