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Transitioning your pet to Nutram is super easy!

When you decide to switch your pet’s food it’s important that you make the switch gradually by mixing the old food with the new food. Nutram makes it easy with a Customized Transition Diet Plan.

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  • Gotta admit - our cats are kinda fussy...we’ve tried a bunch of different recipes over the years. I was cautiously optimistic when serving them the Nutram food this morning...wait for it...they devoured it! Seriously, they loved it.

    Purrington Post

  • My cats couldn't get enough. They are usually pretty fussy, but they ate it all up!


    Burlington, Ontario

  • Charlie is happy as a clam with her new food and seems to genuinely look forward to mealtime. She now chows down on her meals instead of picking at her food. And, TMI, but we’ve noticed her digestion has really improved. We used to have a super flatulent kitty on our hands (she could really clear a room…), but that issue has resolved since we got her started on Nutram. We’ve also noticed that she’s been using the litter box in a healthier manner, which is a big relief since she hasn’t had the best of luck health-wise. On top of her being completely obsessed with it, I’m really happy to be feeding it to her as a cat mom.

    Stephanie Fusco

    Toronto, ON

  • Both dogs were really excited at meal time, during the entire month. It was especially noticeable for Zaphod who is not as food motivated and doesn't show excitement at meal times. Both dogs had the energy to run and play and I love that it is a Canadian company.

    Hailey and Zaphod

  • I love your food from the day we started carrying it where I work. I recommend you to everyone and have changed so many pets feeding experiences with it!!!




Q&A with Jillian Harris and her dog Nacho

Jillian Harris recently transitioned her dog over to Nutram! We talked to her about being a pet parent and leading a healthy lifestyle with your pet.

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