100% Canadian

100% Canadian, family-owned. Crafted in Canada, our highly trained in-house team of professionals and Holistic Experts carefully control every process from recipe creation to product shipment, and everything in between.

With over 20 years of pet nutrition expertise, Nutram’s team of Nutritionists, Holistic and culinary professionals are truly Canada’s pet food experts. Starting in 1993, Nutram recipes have been crafted in Ontario, Canada at our world-class production facility.

The process starts with our in-house Nutritionists and Holistic Experts, who craft each recipe to maximize its nutrient absorption for overall health. Through working with Canadian Farmers and sourcing experts, we focus on natural ingredients with an eye to sustainability. Our extensive in-house testing capabilities provides us great control of the quality of our recipes, and our trained culinary experts cook each recipe in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. We then package each recipe in our Canadian-made, human food-grade bags, guaranteeing optimal nutrition and product integrity.

Trusted in over 30 countries worldwide, Nutram recipes represent the finest Canadian quality through many decades of pet nutrition excellence.

The difference is our Optimum CombinationsTM

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