Cat and Dog Cafes Across Canada

Looking for a new place for you and your pup, a cat without the commitment, or a new coffee shop? We’ve got the place for you.

Ever wonder where the craze of cat cafés started? How about dog cafés? For cat cafés you might think that they started in Japan where they are ultra-popular, but actually cat cafes originated in Taipei, Taiwan where the first cat café was opened. They soon gained popularity in Japan in the early 2000s. However, this trend didn’t stay in Asia but expanded across the globe to countries such as Germany, England, Austria, the United States and even Canada when it opened its first cat café in 2014, and now have grown to over 150 locations across the world! What about dog cafés then? Well the origins of dog cafés are a little harder to pinpoint. Some may say the trend started with popularity in the early 2000s amongst the ultra-rich following fad, but they can be tracked back to the lack of dog-friendly cafés or passersby’s seeing dogs left on the side walk while their owners would grab a cup. With these mysterious origins 2 types of dog cafés developed that we know today: cafés that are dog-friendly and cafés that foster their animals. Either way, both cafés strike intrigue in people when mentioned.

Ever had a long day? A stressful day? Need a break? Lonely? Well, cat and dog cafés have remedies for that.  These cafés can be used as pet therapy. They provide a space where you can unwind, not think about whatever is bringing you down, and play with animals for a bit. Feel guilty for leaving your pet on the street while you grab a cup of coffee? Don’t worry, there are dog cafés that dog-friendly so you can have peace of mind; they allow dogs to stay close to their owner and be sheltered indoors. Some of the dog cafés even have an off-leash area that is good for their socialization. There are so many benefits from dog and cat cafés, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to hit one up? And, with all of the different varieties of cafés, you don’t have to compromise.

Not only do these cafés have a benefit to us, the cafés that foster their animals act as an important part of the adoption process by getting them out of shelters and freeing up space for other animals. It also provides a new experience for people to meet shelter pets in a different environment, which allows those looking to adopt a chance to see the pet’s personalities. So if you’re looking for a place to adopt but too intimidated by a shelter, one of these cafés might be just what you are looking for. For dog cafés that are a pet-friendly location, they allow dogs to stay close to their owner and be sheltered indoors. Some of the dog cafés even have an off-leash area that is good for their socialization! What more reason would you have to go?

These cafés have a variety of menu options, so if you are looking to grab a bite or spend some time with a furry friend, a cat or dog café might just be what you are looking for. We’ve listed a few below so you can find one in your area.


My Dog’s Café and Bar (Hamilton)

My Dog’s Café and Bar is a dog friendly café that welcomes dogs and people. There are tons of events that My Dog’s Café and Bar host from psychic readings for your pet, to adoption days, to fundraising, to portraits of your pet! There are so many experiences that you have to check them out.

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Munchies Coffee House and BARkery (Hamiltion)

Munchies Coffee House and BARKery is Hamilton’s first pet-friendly restaurant. They serve dog birthday cakes as well as host parties for both humans and animals! They also have a variety of events that you won’t want to miss. Next time you’re in Hamilton make sure to check them out.

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Feline Cafe (Ottawa)

Feline Café is Ottawa’s first cat café. They are a cause-focused business that supports the cats that they foster and allow them to be socialized before their adoption. Like yoga? Cats? This café has just what you need. They host Yoga With Cats, which is the purrfect way to stretch and unwind.

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TOT the cat cafe (Toronto)

TOT the Cat Café is Toronto’s first cat café! They partner with local shelters and rescues fostering cats before they can be adopted. They are located in the downtown Toronto in a very convenient location on College Street. They are currently taking a break right now, but have plans to return and to open up more locations across Toronto.

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My Kitty Café (Guelph)

My Kitty Café is the first Cat Café in Ontario! They serve a variety of drinks and food, as well as have an area where you can purchase pet products. They foster the cats and they are adoptable. They have fun events such as their speed dating and Kitten Day where you can adopt a kitten there.

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Le Doggy Café (Montreal)

Le Doggy Café is a restaurant that allows you to eat with your dog! Not only that, the meals are vegetarian, so you don’t have to compromise on your diet. They have adoption events as well as a Saturday puppy meetup!

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Hot Dog & Cie (Montreal)

Hot Dog & Cie offers a unique human and canine experience. It is offers fine cuisine and is based on a new concept where it centres on animals with a grooming salon, indoor dog park, and hotel. It is truly an all in one experience.

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Café Féline Ma Langue Aux Chats Quebec Cat Café (Quebec City)

Looking for a place to spend some time with cats? Café Féline has lovely snacks and fantastic coffee that’ll be sure to hit the spot. The also show films in their location. So if you are looking for a night out in Quebec check them out.

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British Columbia

Catfe (Vancouver)

The only cat café in all of Vancouver Catfe is making the most out of it. There are cat themed drinks snacks and lots else. They partner with BC SPCA and host cats that are all adoptable.

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Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Café and Adoption Centre (Winnipeg)

The first cat café to open up in Winnipeg! Here you can enjoy drinks and some snacks while spending some time with cats. If you see a furry friend that you want to take home, don’t worry! All of the cats are adoptable.

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Cat Café on Whyte (Edmonton)

This café has two sections, one for serving and the other with cats. You can enjoy a variety of speciality drinks and treats that are fresh from local Edmonton bakeries. Cat Café on Whyte also fosters their cats until they find a home for the cats. They also have Yoga With Cats every third Saturday of the month!

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Excalipurr Cat Cafe (Regina)

Excalipurr serves fine specialty coffees and vegetarian food. This café also has two side to it: the café and an area to spend time with cats. They also partner with Regina Cat Rescue so their cats are adoptable. They have so many upcoming events you won’t want to miss them.

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Header Image Photo Credit: @catcafe5628