DIY Cat Toys

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With the holidays coming up you may want to get a jump on gift ideas for a furry buddy, or create something special to show them just how much you love them. Whatever your reasons we have complied a list of our favourite DIY cat toys your cat is sure to love!

Ombre Scratching post

If you are looking for something that your cat will love and your furniture will appreciate, try an ombre scratching post. It will satisfy your cat’s need to scratch, while adding a pop of colour to your home.

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Cactus Scratching Post

Feeling more ambitious? A cactus scratching post will allow you to stretch your creativity but still give the same effect as a normal scratching post.

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Cardboard Cat Play house

If you are looking to make a simple yet effective gift for your cat, why not try a cardboard play house. Cats love being in boxes, and when the boxes are specifically designed for them, your cat will be ecstatic.

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Toilet Paper Cat Toys

Here is something we all can get. There are so many different toys that we can make with toilet paper rolls, such as balls, treat rattles, or even treat puzzles. Instead of throwing out your empty toilet paper rolls, let your crafty imagination run wild.

Via Catster

Pipe Cleaner Ball

Here is a super simple toy that your cat will love. It is versatile, customizable and durable keeping your cat occupied for hours.

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Cat Nip Yarn Balls

These yarn balls will have your cat playing for hours trying to unravel them.

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Although the holiday season seems to be fast approaching, there is still plenty of time to get your hands on a DIY. If you still have doubts about the DIY’s your cat is sure to love a simple box . However you plan to spend your time with your cat, make sure to give them lots of love.

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