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As we’re sure many of you already know, dogs make great travelling companions. In this series, we’re exploring different dog-friendly destinations and all of the things that you can do with your pup.

When it comes to travelling with your pet, The Sunshine State may just be one of the most welcoming to dogs. Pet parents who don’t live in Florida may be surprised to learn that most patios there welcome dogs, and some even have a special menu just for them! Florida is also well-known for their many theme parks, and some, including Busch Gardens, offer kennelling services so you can enjoy your day at the park without worrying where your dog will hang out while you’re riding rollercoasters and inevitably waiting in lines.

With warm weather and plenty of beaches, it’s definitely one of our favourite places to travel with our pets! Here are some of our favourite things to do with our pets in Florida:

Hit the Beach

When you’re in The Sunshine State, it’s a given that you’re going to want to head to the beach. There are plenty of places for you and your pup to play in the sand and enjoy the ocean water together. Different beaches have different rules - so check them out ahead of time. Some allow your dog to go off leash while others are leashed beaches, depends on what you prefer! Check out this list of dog-friendly beaches and find one near where you’ll be staying.

Go Paddling or Kayaking

Go beyond the beach! When it comes to watersports, did you know that you can involve your dog too? Lazy Dog in Key West is a great option to check out if you’re looking for something a little different. You can go paddling or kayaking and bring them along for the ride.

Take a Walking Tour

If you’re a history buff, head to St. Augustine to learn more about the oldest city in the United States. Check out a historic walking tour that is pet-friendly to boot! You can also bring your dog along for their “Pup Crawl” if you’d prefer a historic pub crawl with drinks for you and water for you dog.

Shopping Spree

Need a break from all that beach time to do a little shopping? Bring along your furry friend - many shopping districts around Florida allow dogs. You’ll see some stores setting out water bowls to help keep your pup nice and hydrated while you get your shopping fix.

Boat Tour

If you want to get out and try to spot some dolphins at sea, going for one of the many cruises that Florida has to offer is a great idea. This one in St. Augustine is one of the many that allow dogs on board, but for others it’s a good idea to call ahead before you set sail with your dog.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

If you’re heading to the state with your pet, you’re going to need somewhere that you can both stay! Banana Bay Resort and Marina Key West has a great reputation when it comes to pet policies - you can bring up to two dogs with you and there’s no additional fee. If you’re looking for someplace outside of Key West, Bring Fido is great resource to help you find a pet-friendly hotel in the area that you want to visit.

What are some of your favourite dog-friendly activities around Florida? Tell us over on Facebook or share your vacation snaps with us on Instagram!

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