House Cleaning Tips for a Dog Family

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Having your dog around to play, relax with, and have fun with is always a treat. While there are many fun and different things you can do together, there’s a big chore that your dog will always leave completely up to you. Cleaning the house.

Having your dog around to play, relax with, and have fun with is always a treat.  While there are many fun and different things you can do together, there’s a big chore that your dog will always leave completely up to you.  Cleaning the house.  Although it may feel like a never ending task between dirty paw prints, dog hair, and maybe even a constant odor, there are some things you can do to help keep your house clean even with a dog.

1.  Have a Lint Roller

Having a lint roller is a perfect solution to constant fur.  It’s a cheap and easy way to help pick up loose hair that may be resting on clothes and furniture.  A lint roller is small enough to be kept in different places around the house or even thrown in your car with you.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, but looking down and seeing dog fur on you seems to be a for sure situation for any dog owner.   A lint roller can be your solution.

2.  Purchase an Automated Vacuum

Although this can be a little pricier depending on the system you buy, an automated vacuum can be very beneficial to you.  An automated vacuum is able to vacuum a particular area without being monitored by you.  Some models also allow you to schedule them to turn on/off on their own as well.  This can be especially helpful for busy individuals who can just set it to a schedule and let it run in the background.  A great idea is to schedule it for during the day when nobody is home so when you get home from work, you have a cleaner floor as you walk through the door.  Although it doesn’t replace a thorough clean, this can help keep the floor manageable.

3.  Water Absorbing Doormat

If you have a dog then you’re familiar with how dirty they often get from playing outside.  Especially if you’re outside in the rain or snow, coming inside is the beginning of a new kind of storm.  All of the dirt picked up by your dog while playing outside will be tracked through your house before you can blink.  A perfect solution to help combat this is a water absorbing doormat.  There are many greats mats available including some that can absorb up to 3000 grams per square meter of moisture.  When buying a mat, look for one that has grip on the underside to help keep it from sliding when being walked on.  Having a mat like this can effectively keep nature outside instead of around your house for you to clean up afterwards.

4.  Natural Air Fresheners

Having a dog may come with new odors that are difficult to hide.  Using a natural air freshener can help cover up the smell.  A great option is an all-natural air diffuser.  An air diffuser is a great way to help cover odors in the air while also releasing essential oils to be absorbed by you and your pets.  While there are many different scents and essential oils, 2 popular ones that are safe for both cats and dogs are: 

Lavender Oil

  • Helps with pet odor
  • Can help with anxiety 
  • Good topical treatment for allergies and burns
  • Can help with wounds and itching

Frankincense Oil

  • Shows promise as a potential cancer fighter 
  • Combats germs and boosts immunity
  • Holds anti-depressive effects

Keep in mind, not all essential oils are beneficial for both cats and dogs.  If you are ever unsure, talk to your veterinarian.

5.  Chemical-Free Glass Cleaner

Probably one of the cutest sights is approaching your house just to see your dog in the window with their nose pressed on the glass.  While this is nice to see, the smudges left on the glass can become a challenge to remove.  Instead of purchasing glass cleaner, do it yourself.  Making your own all natural glass cleaner can be easy to do as well as a great way to maintain an all-natural home.  Making a glass cleaner can be as easy as these 3 steps:

  1.   2 cups of water (distilled or filtered)
  2.   2 tablespoons of vinegar
  3.   10 drops of essential oil (this helps cut the smell of vinegar) 

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle and use a microfiber cloth or rag, and you will be able to clean the glass around your house to keep it clear from smudges or unwanted marks.

6.  Brushing Your Dog

Other than a select few dog breeds, shedding is just a fact of life for dogs.  Often after laying down, you will notice exactly where your dog was because of bunches of fur left behind.  To help minimize the amount of fur being shed, brushing can help lose the loose fur while keeping it contained to the area or on the brush itself.  Some brushes are available to be used as a glove as well.  This will mimic you petting your dog but brush them at the same time.  This will often work better as your dog will feel more comfortable.

7.  Furniture Covers

It’s always a nice time to lie on the couch and have your dog next to you.  In fact, it seems like dogs enjoy lying there even if you aren’t around.  This can be sweet and nice to look at, however it also leaves a mess behind on your furniture.  To avoid getting dirty furniture that you’re forced to try to wash, using a cover can be the solution.  It will remain comfortable to be used by you and your dog, but when the cover gets dirty washing it isn’t as hard as a cushion or pillow. 

8.  Cleaning Dog Toys

Many dog owners often overlook cleaning a key item in their house, dog toys.  Dog toys may not appear to be too dirty on the outside.  However their favorite ball has been in and outside just as much as your dog.  It’s been touched by other people, chewed on by other dogs, and has been exposed to many different forms of bacteria outside.  All of this will be spread out around your home when your dog moves it from room to room.  In order to keep not only your dog, but other pets and family members safe and healthy, cleaning toys is very important to remove the lingering bacteria.  There are many products and ways available to clean dog toys.  An easy way to clean the toys yourself is with an all-natural solution.  Place the toys you want to wash in either a sink or bathtub and then fill with equal parts water and white vinegar.

Although having a clean house with a dog running around may seem like a daunting task, there are easy ways to keep your house clean as well as safe for other pets and family members.  Whether you use an all-natural spray to help cover lingering odors, or you have your dog walk across a water absorbing door mat before coming inside, keeping your house clean can be easier than you think if you have the right tools to help.