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Ingredient Spotlight: Flaxseed

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We’ve all heard of the numerous benefits of seeds in our diets, but some of these seeds, like flaxseed, are actually a great addition to your pet’s diet as well.

You’ve probably seen flaxseeds before. They are a tiny, brown-tan coloured seed that are mainly found in the northern US and Canada and have been produced in North America since the 1800’s. Its uses, however, can be traced to even centuries earlier in the ancient world.

While you may have known that flaxseed is great for your own health, as a pet parent you can improve your pet’s health using flaxseed in a variety of ways, including improving immunity, enhancing the health and appearance of skin and coat, and supporting cognitive development in young pets.

Sounds great already, doesn’t it? But keep reading, flaxseed has even more health benefits for your pet.

Both flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, which is produced by grinding and pressing flaxseeds, are loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Now, these aren’t the kinds of fats that make you or your pet gain weight; these fatty acids are “good fats” and contribute to keeping your pet’s heart healthy, as well as maintaining healthy skin and giving them a nice, shiny coat. In addition, there’s a very powerful variety of Omega-3 called “alpha-linoleic acid” that helps to reduce inflammation to support an improved mobility.

As if this tiny seed hasn’t already done enough, flaxseed is also an excellent source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, and protein. Fiber is a great choice for maintaining the digestive health of your pet and working to lower its cholesterol, while protein is a source of energy that also helps your pet maintain a strong immune system. When it is ground, flaxseed contains gentle fibers that work as an excellent cleansing agent for your pet.

Another key component of flaxseed is lignans. Never heard of lignans? Let me introduce you to them. They’re a plant-based compound with numerous benefits, and flaxseeds are one of the richest sources of them. A few of the things lignans are known for are fighting inflammation, improving cardiovascular health and supporting the overall immunity of your pet. Some of the anti-inflammatory properties contained in lignans can also help to reduce your pet’s blood pressure, improve kidney function, and diminish arthritic symptoms. Your pet will be a huge fan of lignans without even knowing what they are!

As you can see, flaxseed is a powerful natural ingredient that is not only good for you, it also contributes significantly to the overall health of your pet. That’s why you’ll find it in 4 of our Optimum Combinations:

Salmon Oil + Flaxseed for Shiny Coat

Flaxseed + Salmon Oil for Cognitive Development in your young pet

Flaxseed + Green Lipped Mussels for Improved Mobility

Flaxseed + Turmeric for Immunity Boost

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