Ingredient Spotlight: Salmon

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Did you know that salmon is a powerful ingredient for your pet? Find out what makes it so good for both dogs and cats!

Salmon is something of a superfood. You may or may not have heard it before, but we’re here to tell you that oily fish are packed full of great nutrients. It’s yet another ingredient with benefits to be had for humans and for pets too!

Fish, including salmon, have long been a part of human health. We’ve seen many benefits of it and it happens to also share some great benefits for your pet as well. While you may not think of it for your pet, it’s something that we include in numerous recipes for both cats and dogs. We take deboned salmon and use either salmon meal or salmon oil to bring those benefits right to your furry friends.

In this study, pet parents were able to distinguish which dogs had been given the fish oil and which had not. Pet parents with the pets who had received the fish oil were much happier with the final results since they had a healthier and happier pet on their hands.

Deboned salmon is rich in omega fatty acids, including docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. There’s a reason it’s been called brain food before and that’s because these things are important for brain and eye development in young animals!

Salmon has long been known to also help boost the immune system and is a great choice for high-quality protein. It’s highly digestible and features a balanced amino acid profile. All of the nutrients packed into salmon help contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat for your pet. What more could you ask for? Plus, dogs and cats also tend to love the taste of it!

Recipes that feature salmon meal or salmon oil:

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