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Nutram is now available in cans!

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Same great ingredients, now as a wet food!

Specially selected Nutram recipes are now available in cans, featuring the same great benefits and high-quality, natural ingredients—but as a wet food. Wet food can be a tasty addition to dry kibble, and is a good source of water for pets that don’t drink enough. Perfect for that picky eater!

100% Canadian Made.

Like our dry foods, Nutram wet food is 100% Canadian made, with only the highest quality ingredients, such as fresh meats, wholesome legumes, fruits and vegetables. All Nutram recipes are free of by-products and fillers such as wheat, tapioca, corn, potato and soy. Our nutrient-dense recipes are made with highly-digestible protein, relatively low fat content, and a taste that pets find irresistible.

Some say you are what you eat. We believe you are what you absorb.

Every wet food recipe is crafted to maximize nutrient absorption. Holistic Nutritionists accept that most issues start in the gut. By crafting each recipe based on sound scientific principles and natural ingredients, each Nutram recipe caters to supporting pet wellness from the inside-out—starting with the gut.

When you support the gut, you support the body by allowing for optimum nutrient absorption. Your pet receives every benefit of each ingredient, as nature intended.

A nutrition focused path to total pet wellness.

Wellness is a journey, not a destination. Nutram recipes take a nutrition focused path to total pet wellness by carefully selecting each premium ingredient and what they contribute to the body as a whole. Each holistic Nutram recipe is then enhanced with our OPTIMUM COMBINATIONS™, a perfect pairing of ingredients that complement one another’s benefits to take our holistic nutrition to the next level.

OPTIMUM COMBINATIONS™ pairings provide the benefit of each ingredient PLUS the advantages of their combination. For example, Cranberries have natural acidic properties which prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls. Celery Seeds, a natural diuretic, allows the body to absorb more fluids to help wash the bacteria out of the pet’s system. When paired together in the right amounts, this Optimum Combinations™ pairing provides a Healthy Bladder holistic benefit, and can be found in each Nutram Cat dry and wet recipe.

Cooked in small batches, ensuring consistent quality.

Our extensive in-house testing capabilities provide us with total control of the quality of our recipes. Our team of trained culinary experts cook each recipe in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. Our wet recipes are of human food-grade quality and made in a certified human food-grade facility ensuring optimal nutrition and product integrity.

What recipe is the best option for your pet? Take our Nutram Number quiz to find out!