Our Gift Guide for Your Pets

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It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, especially when it's for your beloved pets!

Once Thanksgiving and Halloween have passed, the focus shifts to Christmas. You can see the change first, especially when you're out shopping. Within the blink of an eye the jack-o-lantern accessories are swapped out for red, green, and twinkling lights. Soon you'll realize the time has arrived to start your holiday shopping - you can't put it off any longer. You'll make a list of all your loved ones you have to shop for, and you certainly can't exclude your cat or dog! In fact, they're some of the most fun holiday shopping you'll do all season. When they've been so good all year (which they obviously have) they deserve an extra great treat for the holidays. Here are some ideas to get your holiday shopping started for your pet. 

Custom Print, Etsy

Interactive Feeder, SlimCat

Automatic Laser Light, FroliCat

Scratching Post Set, Kitty Connection

Outdoor Heated Kitty House, K&H Pet Products 

Gourmet Cat Treats, Catnip Confections

Catbernet, Apollo Peak

Explorer Vest, Canada Pooch

Lined Wellies, Canada Pooch

Holiday Pet Sweater, Zack & Zoey

Interactive Ball Thrower, iFetch

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