Q&A with Jillian Harris and her dog Nacho

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Jillian Harris recently transitioned her dog over to Nutram! We talked to her about being a pet parent and leading a healthy lifestyle with your pet.

You may know Jillian Harris from any number of things, like ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette, Love It Or List It Vancouver, or from her stellar lifestyle blog. Like us, Jillian shares a love for healthy living and nutrition and that extends out to the choices she makes for her boxer, Nacho Cilantro. Jillian and Nacho recently took our Optimum Transition Challenge and switched over to Nutram and we spoke to her about her experience.

Find out why they chose Nutram, their motivation for making the change, and keeping a healthy lifestyle as a pet parent.

Nutram: Tell us about Nacho.

Jillian: I know I have a baby coming but I can’t imagine loving anything more than Nacho. Nacho is truly mine and Justin’s baby - we baby him more than we probably should. I know I’m biased but we’ve been told he has the most unique personality. He is docile and calm and isn’t like your typical boxer; he’s really well behaved. Fun fact: he’s scared of the guitar!

N: What was your motivation for changing Nacho’s food?

J: Nacho has always been a really picky eater. We had him on raw food for the longest time but it just doesn’t work with our schedule. With the amount of travel that we do transporting raw meat just isn’t ideal. Another issue we came across was that Nacho was SO picky. His food had to be partially frozen still or he’d refuse to eat it. We needed to find something for him that was an easy adjustment for his body (since he’s so picky) and something that fit with mine and Justin’s lifestyle.

N: What do you look for in a dog food?

J: As many natural ingredients as possible. What I love about Nutram is that it’s made from a holistic perspective and touts a lot of health benefits.

N: Does your healthy lifestyle play a role in the decisions you make for Nacho?

J: Definitely! Nacho is like one of us and should eat like us too! He gets the odd treat and bone here and there but other than that he’s a really healthy guy.

N: What are your favourite activities to do with Nacho?

J: I love taking him to the dog park! He loves to just run around with other dogs until he’s drooling out of his jowls. It takes a lot to get him tired so ideally I would take him twice a day! We just put him in doggy hiking during the day when I’m working and it’s perfect to tire him out. Our favourite thing is when he wakes up in the morning he comes and kisses our necks - it’s the best way to wake up. He’s the biggest cuddler ever in the morning!

N: Are you changing any other habits with Nacho? Are you guys embracing a more active lifestyle?

J: Nacho just started going on off-leash runs, which he seems to love. When we have our days off he goes to the dog park or dog beach at least 3 times a week. He also may or may not be the neighbourhood clown and loves to go visit the neighbours first thing in the morning. He gets his morning exercise going door to door and saying good morning to everyone. He had an issue with whining and we have since curbed that and have been working on his obedience. He’s such a good dog there’s not much that we need to work on other than that!

We’re so excited that Jillian Harris and Nacho were up to the challenge! The Optimum Transition Challenge only takes 30 days and your pet’s wellness has never been easier. Click here to get your own custom feeding plan for your pet and learn more about the challenge.