Why do Cats Have Whiskers?

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Have you ever wondered what the real purposes of whiskers on a cat are? They are far more important than you may have thought!

Whiskers.  All cats have them.  They are usually one of the first things you see on a cat when they’re facing you.  Have you ever wondered what the real purposes of them are?  Why do cats have whiskers anyways?

One thing cats use their whiskers for is detecting objects.  By brushing their whiskers against something, they’re able to determine the location, size, and texture of an object.  This is especially helpful in the dark!  Not only does it help detect physical objects, it also tracks changes in the air currents.  This helps cats detect approaching dangers that could possibly be approaching them at any given moment.

If you ever see a cat squeeze through a very tight or narrow gap, their whiskers are a main factor for them achieving this.  They use their whiskers as a guide to help determine if they are able to fit and keep going or if they would be better off finding a different route.

Because of these things your cat does because of their whiskers, it’s important that you never cut them.  If you cut a cat’s whiskers, they can become dizzy and disoriented.  This is because they’re no longer able to receive those vital signals they could before when they were fully grown.

I’m sure that you’re now able to have a better understanding about the whiskers on your cat.  Although they may seem rather pointless and as if they don’t do much, they are really an everyday item your cat has trouble living without.  Not just avoiding predators, but not being disoriented and bumping into things around the house is defiantly useful!