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Tips on Letting Your Indoor Cat Outside

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Having an indoor cat can be a lot of fun. Not worrying about them getting into trouble outside or having something happen to them can help with your stress levels knowing that they’re safe. However, sometimes indoor cats want to experience life outside of the home. So what’s the best way?

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Ingredient Spotlight: Turkey

It’s that time of year again with all sorts of festive foods. So let’s talk about a staple at some festival feasts…TURKEY! Not only is turkey great for your health, it is also has many great benefits for your pet. Turkey holds a whole host of nutritional benefits for your pet, ...

Ways to Spend New Year's Eve with Your Pet

Wow, 2018 really did fly past quickly! We hope that you enjoyed your year with your fluffy buddy and made lots of amazing memories together. But if you didn’t get to complete your bucket list of activities with your pet, don’t worry, you can still end the year off with a bang. We&rsqu...

Puppy Survival Guide

Congratulations on getting a new puppy! Adding a new member to your family is always exciting but it can be a little nerve wracking. Don’t worry; we have gathered together a survival guide to make bringing your new puppy into your home a little easier.Before you bring your puppy home...

DIY Cat Toys

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With the holidays coming up you may want to get a jump on gift ideas for a furry buddy, or create something special to show them just how much you love them. Whatever your reasons we have complied a list of our favourite DIY cat toys your cat is sure to love!

Ingredient Spotlight: Raspberries

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When reading through our ingredients you may be surprised to find many ingredients which you eat yourself and feed your family with. We choose each ingredient in our recipes carefully, considering not only what they contribute to the body as a whole, but how these ingredients interact with one an...