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House Cleaning Tips for a Dog Family

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Having your dog around to play, relax with, and have fun with is always a treat. While there are many fun and different things you can do together, there’s a big chore that your dog will always leave completely up to you. Cleaning the house.

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Top 10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

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Trying to decide on what breed of dog to get as the newest addition to your family can be a challenge. You can be a first time owner or experienced and still have lots of questions. Here are 10 common dog breeds for families to save you some time when deciding!

Why do Cats Have Whiskers?

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Have you ever wondered what the real purposes of whiskers on a cat are? They are far more important than you may have thought!

4 Tips for Feeding Your Puppy

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You just picked up a new puppy to bring back to your home. It’s a very exciting time for both you, and your new puppy! A lot of time and preparation goes into the arrival of your newest family member. You’ve thought of how to help it adjust, but what about feeding?

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active

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Many indoor cats aren’t able to get enough exercise or amusement that is needed for them to stay active and healthy. Check out these suggestions to keep your cat active and healthy!

DIY Cat Toys

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With the holidays coming up you may want to get a jump on gift ideas for a furry buddy, or create something special to show them just how much you love them. Whatever your reasons we have complied a list of our favourite DIY cat toys your cat is sure to love!