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What is Nutram?

Nutram is a privately owned Pet Wellness company with nutrition first approach to the Holistic Pet Wellness lifestyle. We produce our foods with only the highest quality, all natural ingredients in our privately owned Canadian facility, located in Elmira, Ontario.

What is the difference between Nutram Sound, Ideal and Total?

First of all what is common among all Nutram recipes are that they are naturally preserved and are made with natural ingredients. All recipes contain digestible proteins from deboned, real meats such as chicken, salmon and lamb. The recipes also contain naturally occurring fibers from fresh fruit and vegetables to “heal and seal” your pets GI-tract for maximum nutrient absorption and all natural botanicals for maximum nutritional benefits. Never any corn, wheat, potato or soy added.

Nutram Sound Balanced Wellness® - natural, holistic and balanced pet nutrition for all life stages

Nutram Ideal Solution Support® - natural and holistic nutrition that supports pet specific health conditions

Nutram Total Grain-Free® - natural and holistic pet foods that caters to pet parents looking for grain-free options that provide complete nutrition with low glycemic carbs

How Nutram is different versus any other brand in the market?

There are many good alternatives in Specialty market. What makes Nutram to stand out?:

  • Our Optimum Combinations™ ensure your pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits of each ingredient, PLUS the advantage of their combination
  • We achieved it with our certified Holistic Nutritionist carefully crafting these recipes to combine the power of Nature to amplify benefits by mixing several specific ingredients
  • By cooking it in our facility under stringent quality control process
  • And by using our expertise to buy natural and hormone-free quality and wholesome ingredients. Check out a list of wholesome fresh proteins, carbs with low-glycemic response, fruits, berries and vegies on our ingredient panels
  • Recipes that support Proper Digestion, Increases Nutrient Absorption, Activates Disease Fighting properties and Nourishes Pet’s Total Wellbeing
  • Never adding something that you wouldn't want in your pet’s food - hormones, corn, wheat, potato or soy
Do you source from China?

No, we do not source from China and we fully disclose our ingredients on our panels. We are proud to say that “what is on the bag – is in the bag”.

Why is your food expensive?

Our price is in line with other Natural products. We believe that we are charging fair price for ingredients that we have and the benefits that they provide. We do not cut corners in our ingredient sourcing or our lean and quality production, nor do we play games by providing less desired ingredients and hiding them in the panel. “What is on the bag – is in the bag”.

I've heard that Elmira Pet Products (EPP) produces other brands. Aren't all the pet foods essentially the same?

We pride ourselves on our quality and lean manufacturing, and other companies recognize this by asking EPP to produce for them. This practice allows us to keep our manufacturing costs low and pass savings to you. With our quality of ingredients and smaller manufacturing runs, the price for Nutram would’ve been much higher.

Each batch of product at EPP is produced to the exact specifications, and Nutram is very different because it’s Optimum Combinations® recipes provides your pet with all the benefits of truly Holistic product. 

What are Optimum Optimum Combinations™ and how many are there?

Optimum Combinations™ are combinations of nutrients that found in our wholesome ingredients to give your pet Holistic benefits beyond complete and balanced nutrition.  There are 19 Optimum Combinations™ in our new recipes:

Optimum Combinations™


Turkey + Chamomile =  Calming Effect
Lamb + Pumpkin = Better Digestion
Whole Eggs + Quinoa = Muscle Strength
Salmon Oil + Flaxseed = 

Cognitive Development

Shiny Coat

Healthy Shiny & Coat

Salmon Oil + Rosemary = Immunity Boost
Salmon Oil + Green Lipped Mussels = Improved Mobility
Salmon OIl + Turmeric =

Improved Mobility

Immunity Boost

Blueberries + Blackberries = Immunity Boost
Cranberries + Celery Seeds = Healthy Bladder
Green Lipped Mussels + Flaxseed = Improved Mobility
Pomegranate + Green Tea = Immunity Boost
Chicory Root + Peppermint = Better Digestion
Kale + Peppermint = Natural Detox
Pomegranate + Turmeric = Immunity Boost
Pumpkin + Chicory Root = Better Digestion
Pumpkin + Ginger = Better Digestion
Pomegranate + Raspberries = Immunity Boost
Spinach + Chamomile = Calming Effect
Flaxseed + Turmeric = Immunity Boost

Why did Nutram remove corn?

Our new Nutram Sound, Ideal and Total lines are providing you the benefits of Natural nutrition without ingredients you don’t want.

My dog/cat has Struvite crystals. Which food do you recommend?

If your dog or cat has any health condition we highly recommend you to consult your veterinarian, because only they can provide you with medical advice. We are also glad to inform you that we do have great food to help you keep your healthy cat bladder healthy.  Look for “Healthy Bladder” benefits near the hexagon on the front of your bag!

Should I leave a transition period between old Nutram and new Nutram recipes?

Yes, transitions should be given when switching any food. This will allow your pet a chance to adjust to the new ingredients and be able to properly digest the food, while minimizing stomach upsets.

What transition period do you recommend for switching to Nutram?

It’s important to transition your pet to the new food slowly so their digestive system can adjust to the changes. The transition period should last anywhere between 7 days to two weeks depending on how sensitive your pet is. On the first day of the transition, the new food should be introduced at 10% of the total amount for at least two days. If there are no changes in your pets bowl movements, such as consistency or frequency changes, increase the ratio to 20% of the new food.  If changes are noted, reduce it back to 10% and give it some more time to adjust before continuing with the gradual introduction of your new Nutram recipe. If switching from a grain-based to a grain-free recipe, please extend the transition period to 2 weeks. 

Do you perform any animal tests during the development of Nutram?

 Nutram is passionate about doing the right thing. For this reason we do not carry out invasive procedures or studies on animals. Our goal is to provide the best nutrition based on proven Holistic foundation to help pets live long, happy lives.

For performance of each recipe, Nutram uses non-invasive palatability and digestibility feeding trials, partnering with select breeders, reputable companies and our own employee’s pets.

 We believe that “doing the right thing” is treating all animals like we treat our own beloved pets.  

How should I store the kibble?

You should store your Nutram pet food indoors, in a cool, dark place. We recommend using the original packaging, provided that the press to close seal is closed tightly to maintain airtight conditions after opening. If you would like to use other means to store the kibble a re-sealable food grade plastic container is a great option. Storing Nutram pet food in this manner is the best way to keep your pets food fresh! Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and direct sunlight increases oxidation and reduces the quality of the pet food.

What is the difference between chelated and non-chelated minerals?

Minerals are inorganic compounds that are essential nutrients needed for many functions in our bodies. This combination of an inorganic molecule and an organic molecule is known as a Chelation. Certain minerals when pure can be difficult for a dog to absorb; these unabsorbed minerals are then passed through stools. Although when minerals are combined with an organic molecule such as amino acids or complex sugars they become a compound. Chelated minerals improve the absorption of certain minerals because of higher bioavailability when in this form.  

Are your diets all-natural?

Yes! Our foods are produced using natural wholesome ingredients, many of which you could find in your local grocery store. Only exceptions are our added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which ensure that foods are always complete and balanced. When dealing with natural ingredients, normal variability in nutrient profile will occur. Since pets rely on a single source of nutrition to meet all of their needs, we ensure foods always meet the minimum requirements for these important nutrients on a daily basis. 

Are Nutram recipes Gluten-Free?

While our recipes contain ingredients, all of which are free of Gluten, we cannot claim to be Gluten-Free, as our privately owned facility is not certified Gluten-Free. Much like a Peanut-Free snack must be prepared in a Peanut-Free facility.

Is Nutram GMO-free?

Even though many of our ingredients are non-GMO, and we make a great effort to ensure this criteria when sourcing new and innovative ingredients, we are not able to guarantee our foods are GMO-free since our animal proteins (fresh turkey, chicken meal, etc) are not fed GMO-free feed. Our meat products do originate from CFIA inspected facilities used for human consumption, so we follow the same criteria as the chicken in your grocery stores when making GMO claims.

Are your recipes certified human grade?

No, Nutram only uses the highest standards for sourcing our ingredients, but our facility is not Human Grade certified. This means that even when we purchase ingredients of human-grade origin, we lose the ability to make such claims once the pet food is produced. 

What part of the chicken is used in the meal?

Meals are made by cooking fresh chicken, which removes the water from the meat and concentrate the protein. This nutrient dense product adds highly digestible protein, with a relatively low fat content and provide great flavour.

The part of the chicken used within chicken meal is clean chicken flesh and skin with or without bone which comes from the whole carcass of the chicken not including the feathers, heads, feet and entrails. 

What is your natural chicken flavour?

This added natural flavour works like a gravy or chicken stock when you cook your food. Through a combination of fresh chicken liver and natural vitamin E for freshness, these flavours make nutritious meals enjoyable to your pets. 

How does the salt content of Nutram recipes compare to the recommended daily intake of sodium for cats and dogs?

Most pets are fed a balanced diet of dry kibbles, sometimes complemented with healthy treats. Nutram recipes are balanced to your cat and dog's daily needs as per AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines. Sodium is, however, needed for many important body functions from water balance to heart-health and salt is added to foods to ensure minimum sodium levels meet the minimum AAFCO requirements. 

I walk my dog every day. Would this qualify as "Active" on the Feeding Guidelines?

Activity level of pets varies with breed and age, but the chart below is a good starting point:

Activity Less Active Active
Hours of Activity  1-2 hours of activity 3-5 hours of activity a day 

Example of Activity

A walk before and after work  Hiking, playing, swimming, multiple 1hr+ walks per day, working dog

Can I rotate Grain-Free Turkey, Chicken & Duck, with Grain-Free Salmon & Trout?

We don’t recommend rotating the Grain-Free recipes. Although these recipes are very similar they have small differences that may affect your pet’s stomach. To be safe and to keep your pets happy and healthy, if you wish to switch from one recipe to the other we recommend that you follow the transitional period we have previously explained. 

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