Nutram Food Safety

Food safety is always a top priority for you in your everyday life.  You always want the safest and highest quality food available to you.  What about your pet?  Maybe you never thought about it.  Maybe you thought that all pet food companies had standardized certifications for quality and food safety? While there certainly are a number of certifications required for producing pet food, not all pet food companies are alike. But you still want the best there is for your pet? That’s what they deserve. 

We feel the same way.

At Nutram, we strive to deliver your pets with the highest quality pet food. It is our highest priority to provide you with nutrient-dense options made in a safe environment so that you may feel comfortable with the food choices you provide your pet. So much so, that our recipes have been certified to do so, and are trusted in over 30 countries worldwide.

The BRC, also known as the British Retail Consortium, is of the highest pet food quality assurance certifications available. It is designed to provide the basis for certification for food manufacturers who implement good manufacturing practices and have supporting quality management systems, and focuses on many areas, including:

  • Quality management systems
  • Auditing the areas which often have the highest rate of product recalls and withdrawals, such as labelling and packing
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) based food safety programmes
  • Promoting greater resilience, transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

What does this mean for Nutram? Having our plant and processes BRC-certified means that we have complete transparency in all aspects of production, including:

  • Our suppliers, and their suppliers
  • Traceability of each ingredient, down to which recipe the ingredient is included in, and where that recipe is shipped to
  • Hygiene of those coming into contact with our product during production
  • Strict enforcement of what materials are permitted on our production floor (right down to ensuring pens do not have caps that could fall into food!)

Our privately-owned manufacturing facility was the first pet food manufacturer in Canada to obtain this certification in 2012. Each year, we undergo a full audit to ensure that our facility is permitted to maintain our good standing with BRC.

Our BRC certification ensures that Nutram recipes are safe and adhere to the highest quality standards available for pet food.  Knowing that, you are always assured the best product possible for your beloved pets.

The difference is our Optimum CombinationsTM

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