Optimum Combinations

The science of pairing superior ingredients that work better together to support your pet’s total well-being.

Wellness is a journey, not a destination. Nutram recipes take a nutrition focused path to total pet wellness by carefully selecting each premium ingredient for what they contribute to the body as a whole. Each holistic Nutram recipe is then enhanced with our OPTIMUM COMBINATIONS, a perfect pairing of ingredients that complement one another’s benefits to take our holistic nutrition to the next level.

Each Optimum Combinations pairing provides the benefit of each ingredient PLUS the advantages of their combination.

Salmon Oil + Turmeric forImmunity Boost

Flaxseed + Salmon Oil forCognitive Development

Turkey + Chamomile forCalming Effect

Lamb + Pumpkin forBetter Digestion

Whole Eggs + Quinoa forMuscle Strength

Salmon Oil + Rosemary forImmunity Boost

Salmon Oil + Green Lipped Mussels forImproved Mobility

Salmon Oil + Turmeric forImproved Mobility

Salmon Oil + Flaxseed forShiny Coat

Blueberries + Blackberries forImmunity Boost

Cranberries + Celery Seeds forHealthy Bladder

Flaxseed + Green Lipped Mussels forImproved Mobility

Pomegranate + Green Tea forImmunity Boost

Chicory Root + Peppermint forBetter Digestion

Kale + Peppermint forNatural Detox

Pomegranate + Turmeric forImmunity Boost

Pumpkin + Chicory Root forBetter Digestion

Pumpkin + Ginger forBetter Digestion

Pomegranate + Raspberries forImmunity Boost

Spinach + Chamomile forCalming Effect

Flaxseed + Turmeric forImmunity Boost

Lamb + Quinoa forMuscle Strength