Our Protein Philosophy

While some brands believe high fresh meat, high protein delivers the best nutritional value to pets, Nutram believes that:

Moderate protein is superior to high protein

  • High protein diets often provide more protein than the pet requires or than their body can use. If their body isn’t using the extra protein, it requires the kidneys to work a little harder to eliminate these excesses and/or can be deposited as fat
  • High protein encourages pets to grow more rapidly than their skeletal system is designed to accommodate, which puts them, specifically large breed dogs, at risk for bone and joint issues later in life
  • High protein accompanied by an improper balance of fibre results in fermentation in the start of the gut, feeding the bad bacteria and starving the good bacteria in the end of the gut
  • While high protein/high fresh meat recipes look appealing on labels, it is important to note that the label is required to list ingredients in order according to weight prior to the cooking process. Meat contains 60-70% moisture. During the cooking process, up to 90% of the water evaporates from the fresh meats and shrinks them to small inclusions of the recipe

Instead, Nutram

  • Uses many of the highest quality meals, which are made by cooking fresh meat, excluding the feathers, heads, feet and entrails. The cooking process removes the water from the meat, and concentrates the protein. This nutrient dense product  adds highly digestible protein, with a relatively low fat content and provide great flavour
  • Uses many non-meat ingredients for protein, such as chickpeas, peas and lentils, all of which also deliver additional benefits beyond protein

No more confusing labels, bag colors, or endless searches.

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